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Greg Westcott is the founder and President of WestMSA. He started his company in 1999 to market, teach, promote and sell medical savings accounts (MSA’s) to individuals, families and small groups. Today, his company is the largest seller of individual/family MSA’s/HSA’s (health savings accounts) in the state of Michigan.


Greg represents the HSA concept not only across kitchen tables and meeting rooms, but at seminars, exhibits, chamber and association meetings. He has spent time with elected officials both in Lansing and Washington DC to support health savings accounts and encourage law changes to better the consumer driven concept. He has witnessed before health policy committees to help them understand the ins and outs of HSA’s.


With the introduction of the newest insurance designation, Chartered Benefits Consultant (CBC), Greg has led the charge to empower health insurance agents in Michigan with the knowledge to market and sell health savings accounts by teaching the very first CBC class in May 2004.  


Greg is a member of the HSA Coalition and Galen Institutes’ Consumer Choice Community in Washington DC and the state representative for the National Association of Alternative Benefits Consultants. He is also a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters and the Healthcare Choice Coalition.


He lives and works in Grandville, Michigan.

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Greg Westcott
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